Funerals and Memorial Services

If you would like to discuss a funeral for your loved one then please contact the Parish Priest (If the answer machine is on then please leave a message and he will ring you back).


The churchyard here at Whitburn Parish church is a ‘closed churchyard’ which means that we are unable to use it for burials.

Memorial Garden of Remembrance

We do however have a Memorial Garden of Remembrance where small Memorial Stones can be installed should you wish. Please ask the Parish Priest or one of our Churchwardens about this.

The site and confines of the Garden of Remembrance is the land adjacent to the North Wall and South Wall of Whitburn Parish churchyard. It avoids areas under existing trees and includes two spaces; one on each wall.

Each area has a series of small plots which have been given a number/letter identity so that records can be maintained of each plot as they are used.  This document will be held in the church safe initially until all the plots are used, when it will be deposited with other Parish Records.

The only acceptable memorial is a flat ledger stone of yellow sandstone, level with the turf. Underneath the stone there is a shallow plinth of concrete to hold the ledger stone in place. The edges of the concrete are covered with a thin layer of soil and are fitted on site by a stone mason. The cost for this service is at a pre-arranged rate from our monumental stone mason Abbey Memorials.

The sandstone blocks are 30cm x 30 cm x 5cm in dimension and are carved to include the name and dates of the person being remembered in a specfic style, font and size.

A copy of the engraving needs to be submitted to the Parish Priest or Churchwarden prior to starting the work.

The Garden of Remembrance is maintained by members of the church Gardening Club on a monthly basis, who accept this responsibility on behalf of the PCC and who will plant flowering bulbs in the Garden. The families will have no need to plant or place any further free-standing wreaths/bouquets or vegetation, or add any further memorial items.

The Application Process

The installation of the memorial stones is completed after an application to the Parish Priest or Churchwardens who will issue the application form. Included on the form is a section which indicates the agreement of the family or heirs at law to adhere to the conditions of inclusion in the Garden of Remembrance.

Please note that:

  • The interment of any remains is strictly prohibited.
  • The addition of any other form of memorial, vases of fresh flowers, plastic flowers and mementos, trees or large shrubs is not allowed.

Please contact either the Parish Priest or the churchwardens if you require an application form, or you can download one here.