Whitburn Parish Church Regular Services

Whitburn Parish Church runs weekly services of worship to meet the needs of its community.

  • Every Sunday at 11 am: a communion service including Bible readings and a sermon to reflect on the text of one of those readings.
  • Every Wednesday at 10 am: Holy Communion (said): A quiet time for reflection and an opportunity to take part in the communion service.
  • Every Sunday at 6.30 pm: A traditional Choral Evensong using the Book of Common Prayer.

This service has proved to be a valued opportunity for people to reflect on their week and to hear a more focused sermon based upon, and referenced to, text from the Bible. The choral and instrumental support in this service helps to create the right atmosphere for reflection.

  • Holy Communion for the sick and home visits for the sick and those in need of company are also arranged by our vicar and Parish Assistant.

After every Sunday morning service people are invited to remain for refreshments which are available for children and adults.

Children at Whitburn Parish Church


Each time a child attends church they are awarded a star that is placed on our Star Chart against their name. Each star counts towards a series of small prizes which are awarded at the end of the service. Some forty children attend our church at different times and all have their names on this chart.


When young children arrive at our church they are given activities to complete (if they wish) some are in craft activity boxes and others are individualised activities related to the theme of the service. This means that they can remain with their parents during the service. They can either take their creation home or leave it to be displayed in church.