We don't have a single point of contact at our Church so please check the list below to find who you need to talk to you.

Parish Priests:

The Rev. Vernon Cuthbert 0191 5367147 (Priest-in-Charge)

The Rev. Ian Davies (retired) 0191 5143055 /07972866341 (Leave a message and he will call you back)

Parish Pastoral Assistant: 

Lorraine Hood, 0191 5292628

Church Wardens:

Michael O’Brien, 07714401164

PCC Secretary:

Linda Cowan, 0191 5293927


Chris Allison, 0191 5292511

Musical Director:

Christine Alder, 0191 5293215


Simon Brett, 07883 3464423

Hall Bookings:

Jean Atkinson, 0191 5293574