Prayer Topics for the week commencing 16th May 2021

There are many things we can be praying for. The items in this post are drawn from some of the Prayer cycles we are involved with.
Pray for those known who suffer in body, mind, spirit or estate.

The Collect for this week
Risen, ascended Lord,
as we rejoice at your triumph,
fill your Church on earth with power and compassion,
that all who are estranged by sin
may find forgiveness and know your peace,
to the glory of God the Father.

From Durham Diocese

Sunday 16th
Sunday after Ascension Day

– Our Bishops – Paul, Sarah, Assistant Bishops: John, Glyn, & David
– The Anglican Church of Korea

Monday 17th
Day after Ascension until Pentecost
– Eighton Banks St Thomas, SSM Interim Minister: Revd Norma Clee, Reader: Miss
Phyllis Maxwell, PM; Mrs Ann Partington
– St. Anthony’s Priory – Revd Dr Nicholas Buxton, Ruth Grant, Revd Canon Paul Tyler,
Laurence Pinkney, Scholastica Jacob, Sheila Shearer, Gavin Harper
– Diocese of Butare – Rwanda: Rt Revd Nathan Gasatura
– Victims of clerical sexual abuse

Tuesday 18th
Day after Ascension until Pentecost
– Felling Christ Church, PiC: Revd Thomas Worsley, Readers Mrs Mavis Worsley,
William Pine
– Diocesan Vocations Advisor: The Revd Dr Alastair Prince
– Diocese of Butere – Kenya: Rt Revd Timothy Wambunya
– Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Wednesday 19th
Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury, Restorer of Monastic Life, 988
– University Chaplains – Revd Canon Anna Brooker, Revd Tim Ferguson, Revd Peter
Kashouris, Revd Gavin Wort, Revd David Rushton (Durham) Revd Chris Howson
– Children’s Ministry Advisor.: Sharon Pritchard
– Diocesan Leader of Youth Mission and Ministry: Andy Harris
– Diocese of Buye – Burundi ; Rt Revd Sixbert Macumi

Thursday 20th
Day after Ascension until Pentecost
Alcuin of York, Deacon, Abbott of Tours, 804
– Gateshead West Deanery, Area Dean: Revd Tom Brazier, Lay Chair: Canon Susan
Marshall, Secretary: Mrs Susan Lister, Treasurer; Vacant
– The Mothers’ Union: President Kathleen Wilson JP, Chaplain Revd Norma Clee
– Diocese of Byumba – Rwanda: Rt Revd Emmanuel Ngendahayo
– Those working to reduce the effects of climate change. COP26

Friday 21st
Day after Ascension until Pentecost
Helen, Protector of the Holy Places, 330

St Godric of Finchale, Hermit, b.c1065 d1170
– Chopwell St John the Evangelist, Minister; Vacant
– For Licensed Lay Ministries—Warden: Revd Dr Alastair Prince, Sub Wardens: Revd
Hilary Avent, Dr Jocelyn Bryan, Mrs Amanda Petch, Mrs Connie Robinson, Mr
Andrew Trigger and Mrs Mavis Worsley
– All those who would be undertaking exams and have an uncertain future
– Diocese of Calabar – Nigeria: Most Revd Tunde Adeleye

Saturday 22nd
From the day after Ascension until Pentecost
– Dunston St Nicholas with Christ Church, Vicar: Revd David Atkinson, Reader: Mrs
Ann Smith, PM: Miss Kay Westgarth
– Lindisfarne College of Theology, Principal: Revd Dr David Bryan, staff and students
training for ministry
– Diocese of Calcutta – Church of North India: Rt Revd Probal Kanto Dutta

From the Parish Cycle

Those living in
Wellands Close
Wellands Court

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Pray for overseas nations

Kenya, Tanzania

Churches Together in South Tyneside

This week’s Prayer Points pdf is available here.