Recognising Holy Week

This year our lives have been disrupted and affected by the CORONAVIRUS, the ‘Lockdown’ and the ramifications of living differently. The challenges of daily life have been great for all but for some have been overwhelming. Here, in Whitburn, we have encouraged our congregation and those institutions associated with us to seek to help those who may need it and to recognise those who have kept the community going.

In listening to and responding to pastoral guidance from our Priest-in-Charge, Vernon Cuthbert and through our own calling and prayers, we have tried to be faithful to our calling as Children of Christ; we have also tried to keep our church community going by discussing issues, planning for and maintaining opportunities for worship and for the usual functions of a church.

When the PCC believed that it was right and safe, we opened the church building for worship and to accommodate funerals where requested.

Vernon, supported by Ian, our PCC and members of our congregation have contributed to keeping our Witness alive through organising and carrying out maintenance work, preparing for and leading worship both on-line and in church, creating floral displays, maintaining the cleanliness of the building and changing our altar cloths to match the appropriate season. We have kept in touch via our Newsletter and by sharing the visiting where it has been safe to do so.

The PCC took the decision to re-open the church building at the start of Holy Week and hope to continue the provision of services and opportunities for private prayer. We are grateful to those who made opening the church possible; those who contributed to leading and enhancing our worship during this period and indeed, to those who made the effort to make our spiritual experience of Easter as unique as possible.

We hope that people will feel confident to attend church, reassured that we take our COVID-Safe responsibilities very seriously. We look forward to sharing our worship and extending our welcome to all those who find the need to come.

Michael O’Brien, Churchwarden