October Newsletter

Macmillan Cancer ‘Cakeaway’ Friday 25th September

Many thanks to all who supported the Humphrey Family and relatives in successfully raising £1100 for the Macmillan Cancer charity.

Harvest Festival

We will celebrate our Harvest Festival on Sunday 4th October at 11am. Please bring or send your donations of food to Church for that day. We are collecting specifically for the Hospitality and Hope food bank in conjunction with Marsden Primary School and they have asked for tinned/ jars/packet foods that will help to make a quick meal for children. We have plenty of pasta and rice at present.

Evening Prayer

We welcome the opportunity for our first Evening prayer service which will take place at 6.30pm on Sunday 4th October.

Gardening Club

Our gardening club will meet on Monday 5th October


The Annual Parish Church Meeting will take place after the 11 am service on Sunday 11th October.

If you can attend, it would be useful as we will have PCC members and Church Wardens to elect.


If you are one of those people who at present are not attending Church but you wish to continue your giving, your giving can be collected, or we can give assistance in setting up standing orders.

Operation Christmas Child- Shoebox appeal

This year you can make up your own shoe box (collect the box and leaflet from the church kitchen to do this) then return to church before Sunday November 8TH to ensure a prompt delivery.

You can also choose to do the ‘Pack a shoebox online at  www.samaritans-purse.org

Please try to help this valuable cause- even share a shoebox!

Whitburn Parish Church is COVID SECURE

We would love to see more of you at our services; if you are thinking of coming back to church but are worried about how safe it is, then let us reassure you that we have taken steps to make our church ‘Covid secure’ and these are:

  • 2m spaced seating arrangements for up to 40 people
  • Hand sanitiser stations on entry and exit
  • Track and Trace arrangements both for NHS app or our own record
  • Through-flow of air with front and back door kept open
  • Modified service to reduce personal contact
  • Expectation of masks to be worn on entry and during the service.

We have tried to make our services varied and by extending the involvement of the congregation to reading all three lessons and intercessions and by having beautiful organ music to listen to before and after the service and during the administration of Holy Communion.

Be aware also that are also the same ‘smiling faces’ to welcome you when you arrive and to reassure you if needed.  Our Priest, Vernon Cuthbert is available after the service to discuss any matters or just to say ‘Hello’.


If a family wishes to have their baptism as a private ceremony then the attendees must be limited to six people from the same household or social bubble, excluding the officiant and others working at the ceremony.

If the baptism is to happen within the course of communal worship – a service at which the general public can attend, not just an invited group, and normally referring to an advertised regular act of worship – then the numbers who can attend need to be assessed for the building to determine how many it can hold safely with physical distancing


Our intention is to ensure that weddings can be as joyful and fulfilling an experience as possible while continuing to follow best public health practice and government guidance.

Who can attend the service?

Government guidance permits a maximum of 15 people to attend church premises for a wedding. This is subject to the church carrying out a risk assessment and taking all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of coronavirus. This maximum number includes all those attending the service, including the couple, witnesses and guests. Anyone working is not included as part of the limit on attendees, such as the officiant, musicians and vergers.

Face coverings

Face coverings are currently mandatory on public transport and in a range of indoor venues including Places of Worship and church halls.

You do not need to wear a face covering if you have a legitimate reason not to. This includes:

• Those who are leading services or events in a place of worship, and those who assist them (for instance by reading, preaching, or leading prayer) do not always need to wear a face covering, although one should be worn especially if physical distancing cannot be maintained (i.e. distributing consumables) This exemption does not apply to worshippers, who should wear face coverings consistent with the requirements for any other public space.

• These exemptions will also cover the bride and groom at a wedding and those officiating at the wedding.

• These exemptions are made to enable communication, particularly with those who rely on lip-reading, facial expressions or clear sound; they do not exempt clergy and other leaders from wearing face coverings in other situations or during other activities.


1. How many people can attend?

It is advised only a modest number of family and friends of the deceased should travel to and attend the funeral. Government guidance permits a maximum of 30 people to attend church premises for a funeral without observing the ‘rule of six’. This is subject to the church carrying out a risk assessment and taking all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of coronavirus.

Phone a Friend and make their day… and yours!

If you have a spare minute, and can pluck up the courage, why not phone someone who you have not spoken to in a while? I tried this the other day and my, how we chatted! We were able to catch up on so many things – I had forgotten how much we had in common and how much I had missed their banter. The conversation we shared led me to believe that the feeling was mutual. It’s really worth a try, so go on, phone someone whom you have been out of touch with; it may cheer you both up.