Prayer Topics for the week commencing 23rd August 2020

There are many things we can be praying for. The items in this post are drawn from some of the Prayer cycles we are involved with.
Pray for those known who suffer in body, mind, spirit or estate.

The Collect for this week
God of glory,
the end of our searching,
help us to lay aside
all that prevents us from seeking your kingdom,
and to give all that we have
to gain the pearl beyond all price,
through our Saviour Jesus Christ.

From Durham Diocese

Sunday 23rd
11th after Trinity
– Cathedral Musicians and Vergers, Daniel Cook, Master of Choristers. Sub-organist Joseph Beech, Jeffrey Hewitt, Head Verger. Stewards, Porters, Joiners & Masons
Monday 24th
Bartholomew the Apostle
– Croxdale St Bartholomew and Tudhoe St David (Spennymoor Group Minis-try) – PiC: Rev Barbara Hilton, APA: Mrs Ann Panton
– The Team of Diocesan Support staff
– The Entertainment Industry, Culture and the Arts facing current issues
Tuesday 25th
St Aebbe of Coldingham 683
– Revd Anthony Smith, Curate: Spennymoor and Whitworth
– Ministry Development Advisor: Revd Canon Dr Alan Bartlett, Senior Re-source Church Leader: Revd Canon David Tomlinson
– All who seek to relieve poverty. Foodbanks & volunteers who run them.
Wednesday 26th
– St. Anthony’s Priory – Revd Dr Nicholas Buxton (Dir), Ruth Grant, Revd Paul Tyler, George Wilkie, Sarah Renwick, Sheila Shearer
– Regional Officer for North East Churches Acting Together : Revd
Joanne Thorns
– Local Authorities and your Local Councillors and MP
Thursday 27th
Monica, mother of Augustine of Hippo, 387
– Shildon St John – PinC: Revd Carol Harris, Associate Priest: Rev Peter Rob-son, Curate: Revd Mark Hudghton, Reader in Training Mrs Eileen Bowman,
– St John’s CE Primary School, Shildon HT: Andrew Farnell
– For all mothers praying faithfully for their children to come to faith
Friday 28th
Augustine, Bishop of Hippo, Teacher of the Faith, 430
– Spennymoor St Paul and Whitworth, Vicar: Revd Matt Tarling, Curate: Revd Anthony Smith
– Diocesan Adviser in Pastoral Care and Counselling: Tony Wright
– Those who have lost hope and for whom life seems very bleak
Saturday 29th
Beheading of John the Baptist
– Revd Chris Watson, Curate: Sunderland Minster
– Diocesan links; Nordkirche – Germany & Alba Iulia – Romania
– The work of Christian Solidarity Worldwide and Amnesty International

From Jarrow Deanery

ParishLeadership Team: Priests, Wardens etcPeople, places, projects or particular issues, for which we are invited to share in prayer  
Harton St Peter BeneficeRevd Kate Boardman
CW: Ethel Ramsey
CW: Jean Stokes
-For those who have been bereaved over the last months, especially of our care home residents, that they can manage their grief and know love and peace within it.
-For those whose long-planned weddings, baptisms and other celebrations were cancelled, that they do -still want to keep those connections with the church.
-For the care and connection between neighbours and our community, that it continues as life ‘returns to normal’
-For our resource church plans, even if revised, that they can help support a renewal and revitalisation of our faith communities in the months to come.
Cleadon Park St Mark and St Cuthbert BeneficeRevd Kate Boardman
CW: Anne Blair-Vincent
-For all involved in leadership as we seek to be creative in ministry and worship at this challenging time.
-For local families who would usually take part in holiday club and for many of whom the lunches provided are very significant.
-For the community and church groups which usually meet in the premises, especially for all who miss the regular contact with others that they provide.
-For our contacts with local schools and our Experience Church Programme as we contemplate how this will look in the coming school year.
-For all who have sought out and engaged with our online worship, that they may experience the love of God and that we can continue to grow together.
-For local businesses as they face an uncertain future.
Organists, musicians & choirs:
• for the gift of music, for songs and hymns and anthems and the opportunity to sing together.
• For musicians and choir members and the gifts they bring each week.

From the Parish Cycle

Those living in
Birkdale Avenue
South Bents Avenue

Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
Pray for those in the arts, media and sports

The Pacific islands: Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Samoa and the French Overseas Territories of New Caledonia (Kanaky) and French Polynesia (Tahiti)

Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Pray for the Church of the Province of South East Asia
Melter Tais – Archbishop of South East Asia & Bishop of Sabah

Monday, 24 August 2020
Kibondo (Tanzania) Sospeter Ndenza
Kigali (Rwanda) Nathan Amooti Rusengo
Kigeme (Rwanda) Assiel Musabyimana

Tuesday, 25 August 2020
Olo (South Sudan) Tandema Obede
Busan (Korea) Onesimus Dongsin Park
Kigezi (Uganda) George Bagamuhunda

Wednesday, 26 August 2020
Olympia (The Episcopal Church) Gregory Rickel
Busoga (Uganda) Paul Moses Samson Naimanhye

Thursday, 27 August 2020
Omu-Aran (Nigeria) Philip Adeyemo
Butare (Rwanda) Nathan Gasatura
Butere (Kenya) Timothy Wambunya

Friday, 28 August 2020
On the Lake (Nigeria) Chijioke Oti
Buye (Burundi) Sixbert Macumi

Saturday, 29 August 2020
On the Niger (Nigeria) Owen Chidozie Nwokolo
Byumba (Rwanda) Emmanuel Ngendahayo

Churches Together in South Tyneside

This week’s Prayer Points pdf is available here.