Arrangements for attending worship

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic we must implement appropriate hygiene measures. As a result we are restricted in the numbers who can attend as otherwise we cannot achieve the 2metre distancing needed. 

On entering the worship area please cleanse your hands with the alcohol gel and provide your name and telephone number for track and trace purposes. You will be directed where to sit. Spaces are allocated in order of arrival. Please keep your distance (there are markers on the path) if you need to queue as you arrive. We are operating a one way system and the exit is via the North door where you are asked to again clean your hands with alcohol gel.

From Saturday 8th August 2020 the wearing of a face covering is mandatory unless exempt. This can be removed to receive communion but must be replaced immediately after. It is important that face coverings are removed completely by unhooking or untying at the ears and replaced in the same manner. Communion bread will be brought to you and delivered into the hand (flat palm) only.