Prayer Topics for the week commencing 31st May 2020

There are many things we can be praying for. The items in this post are drawn from some of the Prayer cycles we are involved with.
Pray for those known who suffer in body, mind, spirit or estate.

The Collect for Pentecost
Holy Spirit, sent by the Father,
ignite in us your holy fire;
strengthen your children with the gift of faith,
revive your Church with the breath of love,
and renew the face of the earth,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

From Durham Diocese

Sunday 31st May
Pentecost Sunday
– For the Holy Spirit to be poured out afresh on the people of God
– Prison Chaplains, Holme House: Revd Kate Brooke, Revd Sue Bell, Durham: Revd Matthew Tetley, Revd Rebecca Tobin: Frankland (High Security): Revd Andrew West, Low Newton (Women): Revd Sarah Parkinson
Monday 1st June
The Visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth
– Jarrow Area Dean: Vacant, Lay Chair: Mrs Wendy Harrison
– Our Bishops – Paul, Sarah, for wisdom in their leadership at this time, and for the assistant Bishops’ John, Glyn, & David
– For teachers and carers in schools and nurseries as pupils return
Tuesday 2nd
– For all those who would have been ordained deacon or priest at the start of July but whose ordinations are now planned for 27th September. We will pray for each by name later in the summer.
– DAC: Chair: Sandra Robertson, Buildings for Mission Secretary: Daniel Spraggon
– The NHS seeking to deal with COVID-19
Wednesday 3rd
The Martyrs of Uganda 1886 and 1978
– Jarrow Deanery Secretary: Mrs Mary Thompson, Treasurer: Keith Higgin
– For Licensed Lay Ministries—Warden: Alastair Prince, Sub Wardens: Hylda Hopper , Revd Tony Holden and Hilary Avent
– The PM and Government & Leader of the Opposition at this time of crisis
Thursday 4th
Petroc Abbot of Padstow, 6th C
– Boldon St Nicholas, East Boldon St George, Hedworth St Nicholas: PiC : Revd Paul Barker, Hon Ass Min: Revd David Duke, Reader: Neil Cuthbertson, APA: Mrs Julie McCann
– Bishop’s Leadership Team
– Care homes and for those who work in them, for PPE, for residents
Friday 5th
Boniface (Wynfrith) of Crediton, Bishop, Apostle of Germany, Martyr, 754
– For those who expected to be ordained deacon at this time but will be licensed for ministry in a variety of ways so they can start in July. Please pray for them and their families in new circumstances.
– Diocesan links; Nordkirche – Germany & Alba Iulia – Romania
– For the Police managing public life at this time, added to routine issues
Saturday 6th
Ini Kopuria, founder of the Melanesian Brotherhood, 1945
– Hebburn St Cuthbert and St Oswald: Vacant
– St Oswald’s C of E Primary School, Headteacher: Helen Smith
– For business leaders burdened by issues of personnel and finance

From Jarrow Deanery

Cleadon: All Saints
Priest-in-Charge: Vernon Cuthbert
Churchwardens: Marie Phillpott and Jenny Grant
Cleadon Church of England Academy Principal: Jayn Gray
Partnership for Missional Church – making contact with key leaders in the community  
Changes required from the parish due to sharing a Priest with Whitburn  
Responses to the Coronavirus Covid-19 around spiritual and mental health    
The return to school for our children and staff, particularly at Cleadon Church of England Academy    

From the Parish Cycle

Those living in
Central Avenue

Secretaries of State for Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland
Pray for our relationships within the United Kingdom

Botswana, Zimbabwe

Anglican Cycle of Prayer

Sunday 31st May
Pray for the Anglican Church of Melanesia
Leonard Dawea – Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia and Bishop of Temotu

Monday 1st June
Nebraska (The Episcopal Church) Scott Barker
Akot (South Sudan) Isaac Dhieu Ater
Irele – Eseodo (Nigeria) Vacant

Tuesday 2nd
Nelson (Aotearoa NZ & Polynesia) Steve Maina
Akure (Nigeria) Simeon Borokini
Isial-Ngwa South (Nigeria) Isaac Nwaobia

Wednesday 3rd
Nevada (The Episcopal Church) Dan Edwards
Alabama (The Episcopal Church) John McKee Sloan

Thursday 4th
New Busa
(Nigeria) Israel Amoo
Alaska (The Episcopal Church) Mark Lattime
Albany (The Episcopal Church) William Love

Friday 5th
New Guinea Islands, The
(Papua New Guinea) Dennis Kabekabe
Algoma (Canada) Anne Germond

Saturday 6th
New Hampshire
(The Episcopal Church) Robert Hirschfeld
All Saints Cathedral Diocese (Kenya) Jackson Ole Sapit (Primate)
Isikwuato (Nigeria) Manasses Chijiokem Okere

Churches Together in South Tyneside

This week’s Prayer Points pdf.