Covid-19 update

Dear Reader,

We hope that you are managing to follow the government’s advice and staying safe during these challenging times.

Please be reassured that you are being prayed for and that we are encouraging those who can to support people who are vulnerable by maintaining contact and where possible helping to make their lives tolerable. Not only that but, parents of children from our three schools have been asked to look-out for elderly and those living alone in their neighbourhood.

We also started a programme of giving a small potted plant to those people who we though it might cheer up. Unfortunately, the ‘Lockdown’ understandably imposed by the government has curtailed that initiative so after the first 120 went out it stopped.

Let us hope that those who need help get it and those who can give help do so safely.

Please, if you can, keep on donating to Hospitality and Hope by putting items of food and Easter Eggs in the bin provided outside Whitehouse Farm in Front Street. We will take them to the charity when we can.

Best wishes and stay safe.